From the simplicity of everyday life to the complex relationships between politics and the human condition, TheAlmonteFilms delivers provocative stories that challenge the masses’ perspective of their existence. Jeffrey Almonte–the founder of TheAlmonteFilms– has over the years used comedy, satire, shock, and other relatable methods to inseminate the minds of all with an idea– that humans are in a continuous state of revolution… A revolution fueled by the simultaneous curiosity and discovery within oneself, the world we inhabit, and the world beyond us.

This life of experimentation is one Almonte has and continues to live himself… going from wanting to be a Veterinarian as a child, a cartoonist as a Preteen, a neurologist as a teen, and now to be the most influential storyteller to have ever lived.

To be a writer is to discover the multitude of layers within yourself and society… to be uncomfortable with a rigid definition of your own identity… to be a virtuoso in all forms of storytelling… forms typically defined as creative like music, dance, poetry, fashion… and those typically defined as practical like engineering, cooking, electricity, and health… all necessities of life fused into the beautiful trade that is film.

Film is the greatest medium of communication to ever be created after music. Its stunning visuals, moving scores, and entrancing stories is an ode to society. Of all discoveries we have made, we have yet to discover someone who hates movies.
No matter who you are and what you believe in, there is a space for you in film.

Because film is a reflection of all that we are and all that we wish we were– all that we could, should and would