The London Rap That Saved Memes in 2017

What’s this Weird Side of London Rap?

Memes in 2017 just haven’t had the same dankery as 2016. Either the absurdity of bass-boosted slapstick humor has just gotten stale or things just haven’t been very memeable… But just when we were giving up on memes, this small snippet of a rapper literally making gun sounds was all over Facebook and Twitter. Within just a day there were entire compilations of this meme-worthy moment. Apparently this London rap is one of many satirical interviews in a BBC series call Fire in the Booth. Remember this guy?

New Yorkers React to London Rap

I watch this interview more times than I eat in a day. Never gets old.

  • Nintendo

    Bro it’s drill music, or grime! Not London rap!

    • Jeffrey Almonte

      I know grime! It’s a style of rap music that comes from London.

      • Nintendo

        Yaas. Stay woke

  • Final Boss

    Some funny shit but It is satire. Keep these videos coming Jeffrey

  • musterr cerna

    You uploading regularly from here now? Youtube aint paying shit huh.

    • Jeffrey Almonte


  • Clee Che
  • Sozzy Land

    this is Satire… he was asking mans about Roll Safe. the Guy from the Meme Above.
    He’s Asking him if he got The Leather Jacket Roll Safe Wears From the Dude in the Video.
    HE Said no! that’s Roll Safe Dad’s Jacket Lmao

  • Rea Esoterica

    This been my song forever now lmao

  • Nunegro

    This is even funnier to watch knowing the story behind this. I love this

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