Jinzo Under a Harlem Scaffold After Dark

Watch Jinzo’s scaffold video dancing to this Great Dane track.

After shooting for another larger project in East Harlem’s CitiFresh supermarket, Jinzo and I passed by a beautiful scaffold. I always found the geometric patters and symmetry within them to be mesmerizing. A man-made, trypophobia-free spiral that provides you warmth from the winter winds. Inter-dimensional tunnels of beautiful overhead lighting and flashing headlights zooming by. Many find scaffold’s creepy and gritty. And I’m usually speed walking through the city to get to my destination. But I like to take my time when I’m walking under scaffold’s.

The leading lines created in these tunnels are always one of my favorite wide angles to get on camera. So I told Jinzo to throw on the hardest dark trap song he could think of.

Jinzo heard this song during JABBAWOCKEEZ NBA 2017 Finals performance and couldn’t resist killing it himself with this scaffold video.

Dancer: @CallMeJinzo 

When the Chinos Get Your Order Right

Jinzo just copped some Chinos in East Harlem.

And the Chinos made sure to make the sesame chicken extra crispy just how he likes.

Black people love the chinos. There’s one on every other block in our neighborhoods.

Watch @CallMeJinzo bust it down.



Jinzo Hits Every Beat

Watch how Jinzo kills this remix to this famous Hip Hop Tutorial Video that became a meme.

Jinzo kills it–per usual. But he makes sure to take it back to his popping roots to show you he never misses a beat.

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