Almonte Re-Auditions for Old Spice with a NEW Product Pitch

What ever happened to the Old Spice Parody kid from 5 years ago?

He’s back.

(And also not a kid)

Legal AF. Thicc AF. #BlackBoyJoy

Maybe this re-audition will get him in this time.

Jeffrey Almonte’s Old Spice Parody was the first time he went viral. At just 16, he ruffled quite a few feathers on Worldstar’s comment section. Could you imagine grown ass men hating on a 16-year-old’s body in a comedic video?

Watch it here:

Fan favorite moments were “Now back to me motherfucker” and “Caught Em.. I’m not giving you sh*t.”

Public response was what inspired an entire series called “Caught Em” shortly after.

Which you can also watch here:

Old Spice Parody 2.0

Almonte’s half-decade evolution from raunchy sophomore to deadpan satirist is blatant in his comedic style. His political rants now bleed into his comedy, toying with social issues. The “Fellas, is it gay…” line is an obvious head nod at the recent memes that satirize toxic masculinity.

We hoped you’re just as pumped as we are. Because it’s not just an Old Spice parody. It’s never “just a joke.” It’s a product pitch. And when Old Spice Extra Smegma hits the shelves, you better support Black business the way you support SUPREME when they released a $100 brick.

Woke women want men that are all natural. Men that wear products that aren’t tested on animals. And with this whole vegan trend going on in WokevilleTM, Old Spice would be silly not to pick this up.


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