This NYC Bum Is Savage AF

There’s a key difference between a New York beggar and these New York Bums.


On 125th– infamous for extreme poverty and addiction— the hustle is strong. Sell metro cards. Sell phones. Sell ass. Panhandle. Do what you have to do to survive that doesn’t violate the autonomy of another. Intimidating people into handing over their money is intolerable. And you can’t simply ignore superbums. Oftentimes they will follow or continue harassing you if you don’t turn around and engage them assertively. And even that doesn’t work sometimes.

It isn’t just a problem for snobby gentrifiers. I’ve witnessed countless locals being cursed out or damn near followed for half a block. Borderline coercive robbery. The aggressive catcalling and intimidation of women should not be dismissed as ‘hood culture.’ 

That shit is CORNY.

  • share’ Lindsay

    I’m weeeak 😂😂

  • Xsyche

    You need to drop that instrumental / beat you used on the outtro on your soundcloud. I could tell that you really polished that beat. Great video btw…

  • twoeaglesmarcus

    Good one Almonte!

  • Grow up? Im 38 years old!

    “I talk tah GAUWD!” Favorite part.

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