Worst Netflix and Chill Ever

This skit with Amanda Cruz about Netflix and Chill going wrong hits too close to home.

Netflix and Chill? Sure. Everyone loves Netflix. Everyone loves to Chill. Why not have both?

Sounds calm.

But not everyone is aware of what the “and chill” part really means.  Guys are so indirect about their intentions, you constantly have to ask things like “So are we chilling? Or are we chilling?” Or else they’ll act like you’re the crazy one for not knowing what they meant.

And coded language isn’t just some millennial phenomenon. Asking a girl to ‘Netflix and Chill’ is the equivalent to the old asking-a-girl-if-she-wants-to-‘Have-some-coffee-sometime’-at-your-place trick. Guys, there are plenty of people willing to go on a date with you or maybe even just a casual hook up. Just be straight forward. If you tell a girl you want to hang out, that’s most likely what will happen. Don’t expect anything more than what was agreed upon or you will be wasting both of each other’s time. Also, you won’t look like an entitled prick trying to coerce someone into doing something they didn’t agree to.

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