The Initiate Film – Your Conscience Will Always Haunt You

Triggered by the trauma he’s inflicted against someone he once called friend, Jojo tries to run away from his own conscience in The Initiate Film.

Why join a Gang?

Belonging. Protection. Power.

Extreme poverty is a dangerous precedent for proximity crime. With plenty looking for a quick way to make ends meet–or keep up with the Jones’ on TV living a lavish Hip Hop lifestyle. Whether it be by selling drugs or robbing their neighbors of what little they have. In the dog-eat-dog world of capitalism, most choose to be a predator than to be a prey. And when the gang that runs the block gives you a stare-down every time you’re just trying to do laundry and live your life… if you can’t beat em, join em. In The Initiate film, Jojo does just that.

But betraying your own conscience comes with a price to pay. He can run, lie, or take whatever drugs he wants to try and forget his sins. But a man can’t escape what he has done.

Watch how we made this film in 7 days by clicking here.

  • Xsyche

    You know you off your shits you hear some Desiigner adlibs in your head out of nowhere XD

  • Jgparadox

    Love the transition between the clanking on the gate then to the cook making the chop cheese. Hahahaha, “4 dollars… That’s a steal” Is that the bodega on 109th and 1st? This is definitely some tales from the hood jump off.

  • Phoenix Yamamoto Mercury

    OMG!!! I LOVED the shade that you threw at the end of the video! XD I’m so dead. #fourdollars
    Overall this was a QUALITY piece that you created. Cinematography was on point…etc.

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