Gary V Hiring Slaves– Ahem — Interns. He’s Hiring Interns.

Are you looking forward to Gary V hiring you? Your pay is $15.


Look. I love Gary Vee. He’s the best motivational speaker leading this generation of entrepreneurs. But what could possibly justify paying someone McDonald’s money for video work?  He’s looking for dedicated young folks with the skills to create videos but, you know… young and ‘inexperienced’ enough to pay crumbs. The saddest part is that people would be STOKED to work with him. And that’s the exact issue with Gary V hiring young interns that would do anything to breathe the same air as him.

The problem is much bigger than Gary V honestly. Brands do this all the time. They gain a large audience and use their notoriety to exploit fans for cheap labor.

Keep it a stack. You would love work with big names like Jay Z, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga just for bragging rights.
At least your resume looks good(even if your bank account doesn’t).

Young creatives are just looking to get their foot in the door and establish some credibility. Getting paid crumbs can be overlooked if it means being able to hone your skills with their favorite celeb. Especially since being young usually means having less financial responsibilities like a mortgage or paying off a house. We even see this exploited when the social dynamic ratio of celebrity:fan is not so polarized. Example, videographers have to lower their prices to compete with the young cats unknowingly devaluing the market by doing extremely cheap work. I’ve been there; working entire music videos for 30 hours of shooting + editing for $150 commissions.

Popular brands continue this ageist tradition of targeting younger, impressionable creatives with too much ambition for their own good. It’s cheap and it works in a practical sense.

Look. Capitalism has never claimed to have the moral high ground. It’s up to us to take a stand and not engage in things like this.

  • Julian Newyorkcity

    Wait so are you going to work with Gary V?

  • David Guerrero

    I think his reasoning is that he believes young people should eat shit at the start of their career to keep them hungry. I don’t think it’s a marketing tactic to boost his personal brand (though it might be), it’s for him to serve as a mentor for young creatives by bringing them up in a similar way that he was brought up.

  • Jordan George

    Like you said, there are people who are happy to just be doing something in general, getting paid, and gaining something to put on their resume or give them credibility. And if they’re competing for opportunities that their peers are getting instead of them I can see how they’d be desperate. I’m not wanting to do visual art or the like professionally (although I’m a developer so I guess that could be considered art) though so I don’t know that struggle. But I feel like what I described before is similar across all fields. I think it’d be great if we all had someone to talk to that knew that we are worth more and could offer solutions for finding those great gigs but sometimes waiting isn’t an option if they don’t have deals being offered to them. They just take what they can find. Just my thoughts and I agree with you.

  • Digigod Gamer

    Gary Vee sucks fgr this man he know damn well he can give them 30 or 20$ hr. not even right for 19 different forms of content

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