Ghetto Jeffro Featured on a Coolman Coffeedan Animation

Watch Ghetto Jeffro as a Voice Actor for Coolman Coffeedan’s Ghetto Dog Animation!

Ghetto Jeffro is a character for sure. So when Coolman Coffeedan asked me to feature as a voice actor for one of his animated shorts, I had to forward the job to Jeffro himself.

We all wonder what our dogs are thinking. Especially when we ask them to do frivolous tricks. The Williamsburg-residing Coolman Coffeedan  never expected his new dog to be from Harlem with the thickest east-side accent ever. This ghetto dog animation is a first-time experience for Jeffro. But not for Coffeedan.

Coolman Coffeedan has a series of animated shorts that go viral on Facebook and Youtube for their quirky, minimalist style. Art that tells the story but doesn’t distract you from the content. And not just comedy. In this short he explores the concept of love and self-motivation. This introspective piece seems like an idea Coffeedan thought to himself but decided to share with the world. And what better way than to curate that message through the cute little noseless animated guy that resembles Blu from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

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