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When the Chinos Get Your Order Right

Jinzo just copped some Chinos in East Harlem.

And the Chinos made sure to make the sesame chicken extra crispy just how he likes.

Black people love the chinos. There’s one on every other block in our neighborhoods.

Watch @CallMeJinzo bust it down.



How to Make Vegan Waffles

It’s super quick & CHEAP to make Hype Vegan Waffles.

Cashmere provides a recipe for the perfect Hype Vegan Waffles, beautifully decorated with strawberries. Sure, it may be even faster to throw a pre-made, boxed frozen waffle into a toaster. But where’s the fun in that? You get more waffles for less money when you make it from scratch. Plus, you see exactly what’s going in your body. Vegans. Vegetarians. Pescatarians. Meat Eaters. Whatever. Saving money and knowing what’s going in our bodies is something we all want.

Hype Vegan Waffles uses everyday household items you probably already have.

Don’t have a waffle maker? Throw it on the stove for some pancakes. Certainly beats paying $7 for a few pancakes at IHOP.

Milk & Eggs can get pretty pricey. This recipe is a blessing for our pockets.

Flour. Salt. Sugar. Lemon Juice. Baking Powder. Vanilla Extract. Canola Oil. Water. All items you probably already have in your cabinet.

Veganism is always made to be this complicated, curated diet of moral grandeur.

Cashmere’s simple Hype Vegan Waffles recipe is a breath of fresh air for those that might find veganism overwhelming to start.

If I get to keep waffles, maybe giving up eggs in the morning isn’t such a dreadful thought after all.

Ghetto Jeffro Unboxes Ghost White Timbs

The Ghost White Timbs are an icon of Hood Rich Culture.

This the first time I dropped two bucks on some sh*t some hating ass peasant will probably step on anyway. Why did I get the Ghost White Timbs? Look good; feel good, am I right?

Kinda. Not really.

I know I coulda got White boots from any other brand like H&M for 50 cash. But I don’t f*cks with fugazi sh*t. I’ma keep it a shtack. I haven’t worn Timbs since I was in middle school. Honestly, they blister my ankles and they played out. Everybody and their moms was rockin constructs. Issa lazy way to complete a navy blue color coordination. But Ghost White Timbs that make my eggshell-painted section 8 apartment look yellower than my teeth after eating two chopped cheeses back to back? I had to cop. Come on now.

Keep it 100. You hatin on me for one of three reasons:

  1. I gets more money than you.
  2. They limited edition and you was waitin til next Friday for your check. D*ckhead.
  3. You from the Bronx.



Almonte Shows His Bantu Knot Routine

Bantu Knots are an easy way to create big, defined curls.

But Almonte actually prefers them kept in their protective style like Jada Pinkett in The Matrix.

Here’s how Almonte does his Bantu Knots:

Step 1

Moisturize & Detangle

After a good deep conditioner, your hair takes in moisturizer best when it is damp– not soaked.

Use something revitalizing like jojoba oil for split ends; aloe vera for the scalp. Coconut oil can be too heavy for some causing more build up. But you can never go wrong with something water-based like aloe vera to prevent dandruff during the cold winter.

Go light. You will use more moisturizer as you create the actual bantu knot.

Detangle the ends while holding your roots in place to minimize hair breakage. THEN go for the roots, gently. 

Probably more gentle than Almonte was TBH.

Step 2

Part & Tie Back

Separate your hair how you see fit. The bigger the part, the thicker the knots.

Tie or clip back parts you are not working on.

Work from the back to the front so that you don’t touch any previous parts/knots while you work on the new one.

Optional Step

Do a two strand twist as seen in this tutorial to make some of the hair easier to coil into the bantu knot.

Step 3

Twist & Coil

Moisturize your hands. Grab the part close– not tight– to your scalp. Pick a direction. Stick with it.

Twist around your fingers into a cylindrical shape.

You’ll find it will naturally start to coil as you twist. Go for it.

Continue the loop, tucking the next coil under the previous. When you get to the end, moisturize more. Coil around tight this time so it locks in. If that’s too tight for you, keep it looser and use a bobby pin.

All done.

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