Man Stabbed for Nazi Haircut FAKE

Viral Stabbing of White Guy with Nazi Haircut FAKE

Following the election of President Donald Trump, much incidental evidence has been used to create controversy. Some individuals and news networks use this propaganda to spread their own agenda, to bring more traffic and gain revenue/ratings, or out of genuine misinformation… an honest mistake.

The internet has become a huge source of news providing a free space for many to voice their opinions that wouldn’t have  the chance to on TV or radio. While this gives space to shed light on hate crimes that go unreported, it is very easy to emotionally manipulate audiences by engineering the information surrounding these incidents. Credibility is questioned more than ever as people become more reliant on each other for information than major news sources like Fox and CNN. With such access to information, the issue is no longer ignorance to social issues but the indoctrination that comes with online cult-like forums with treated misinformation appealing to your preconceived biases. The perfect example of this insidious manipulation is from a man named Joshua Witt, who claimed to be stabbed by a Black man for having a “Nazi haircut.” The post was immediately viral among Alt-Right figureheads like Alex Jones and even major media like FOX, which further fueled the narrative that a Crucible-Witch-Trial style manhunt of innocent people accused as Nazis was rising. He later admitted to have completely falsified the entire fiasco after police confronted him with surveillance footage. The footage depicted him buying the knife himself and no suspect fleeing the scene where he was stabbed as he said.

So who can we believe?

All of us are susceptible to propaganda. The best method to avoid being fooled? Always wait for the proof. And when you get the proof, always take that with a grain of salt. Collective analysis of proof is important to finding the closest version of the truth we can obtain.

Article: http://gizmodo.com/man-who-was-allegedly-stabbed-for-his-neo-nazi-haircut-1798502154

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