Would You Date Your Best Friend’s Ex? #HurtBro

Would you be upset if your best friend slept with your ex? #HurtBro was.

But there’s two sides to every story. And #HurtBro now sees the error of his ways.

Watch two problematic best friends confront each other about lying and mistrust. Inspired by #HurtBae

Featuring @CallMeJinzo 

Comment below on whether or not you would date your best friend’s ex.

How I Broke Up with my Barber because of Race Politics

Breaking up with my barber because of politics seems silly to most.

But politics is everything. It’s how people treat us and view us according to sociopolitical structures. Especially when it comes to racism, you have a choice in who you offer business too in your neighborhood. In East Harlem, there are dozens of Black-owned barbers I could be a patronage of. So if I’m going to be a patron of a non-Black barber operating in a majority-Black neighborhood, it better be one that at least respects my existence.

Watch Almonte explain how he decided breaking up with his barber was the right thing to do when he featured in the Harlem-based “I aint talkin” Podcast.

Jordan Peele First Black Screenwriter to Win Oscar While Black Panther Hits $1 Billion

Jordan Peele first Black screenwriter to win Best Original Screenplay oscar– nominated for Best Director and Best Picture.

An oscar on your first feature film is a big deal. A huge deal for an experimental film coined as the first of it’s genre. “Social horror.” Coming from a comedy background with his “Key and Peele” series, it’s important to note his decision to roam away from what he knew was already working for most Black comedians. Black comedy movies. Parody movies. Movies we have plenty of. Some of the most classic and beloved episodes of the Key and Peele series were ones that felt more like political satire. But he chose to create something that he could call his. While Get Out had many comedic undertones, its socio-political theme was what made it a classic to many Americans that could connect to this.

And right on time with Black Panther just hitting $1 Billion at the Box office after just four weeks of its release. Black people really meant business when #OscarsSoWhite was trending on Twitter two years ago. Suddenly movies like Hidden Colors, Birth of a Nation, Get Out, and Black Panther started gaining steam all over social media amongst millenials. Were doors opening once Hollywood realized they could capitalize on this political interest?

Black Millenials are the life-force of Black Panther

Black millenials have been tweeting about seeing Black Panther over 3 times at the movie theatre. Even calling bootlegging the movie blasphemy. Black youth is going to be a huge target market as they are the biggest, repeat supporters of movies with an almost-all-black cast. And even Koreans that don’t watch many Marvel movies found themselves to be particularly impressed with this one. Hollywood will start to realize that Black directed movies with a huge Black cast are extremely profitable. Everywhere.

Is there a catch? Will this lead to more doors opened for Black directors and eventual Black ownership over major film studios? Or will this just be a marketing phase to reel in more Black dollars? Leave us a comment letting us know your thoughts.

When You See Black Panther & Don’t Know How to Act

Watch Chio Dancing to Black Panther “Waterfall Fight” while she waits for the bus in New York City.

If you thought you couldn’t take Black people anywhere, wait until you see how we act after we leave the Black Panther Premiere.

You can take the Queen out of Wakanda. You can’t take the Wakanda out the Queen.

Dancer: @BabyGrrlChi

Ghetto Jeffro Featured on a Coolman Coffeedan Animation

Watch Ghetto Jeffro as a Voice Actor for Coolman Coffeedan’s Ghetto Dog Animation!

Ghetto Jeffro is a character for sure. So when Coolman Coffeedan asked me to feature as a voice actor for one of his animated shorts, I had to forward the job to Jeffro himself.

We all wonder what our dogs are thinking. Especially when we ask them to do frivolous tricks. The Williamsburg-residing Coolman Coffeedan  never expected his new dog to be from Harlem with the thickest east-side accent ever. This ghetto dog animation is a first-time experience for Jeffro. But not for Coffeedan.

Coolman Coffeedan has a series of animated shorts that go viral on Facebook and Youtube for their quirky, minimalist style. Art that tells the story but doesn’t distract you from the content. And not just comedy. In this short he explores the concept of love and self-motivation. This introspective piece seems like an idea Coffeedan thought to himself but decided to share with the world. And what better way than to curate that message through the cute little noseless animated guy that resembles Blu from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends.

Follow @Coolman_Coffeedan on Instagram for more!

Jinzo Under a Harlem Scaffold After Dark

Watch Jinzo’s scaffold video dancing to this Great Dane track.

After shooting for another larger project in East Harlem’s CitiFresh supermarket, Jinzo and I passed by a beautiful scaffold. I always found the geometric patters and symmetry within them to be mesmerizing. A man-made, trypophobia-free spiral that provides you warmth from the winter winds. Inter-dimensional tunnels of beautiful overhead lighting and flashing headlights zooming by. Many find scaffold’s creepy and gritty. And I’m usually speed walking through the city to get to my destination. But I like to take my time when I’m walking under scaffold’s.

The leading lines created in these tunnels are always one of my favorite wide angles to get on camera. So I told Jinzo to throw on the hardest dark trap song he could think of.

Jinzo heard this song during JABBAWOCKEEZ NBA 2017 Finals performance and couldn’t resist killing it himself with this scaffold video.

Dancer: @CallMeJinzo 

Meet Chio — The Multifaceted Dancer That Killed the Milly Rock

Get to know the girl in the pink bodysuit that killed the Milly Rock and gained traction for her online dance videos.

– A Chio Interview.

Chio joins Cashmere in the Nexus to talk about her multi-talented childhood and life after going viral.  Similar to Almonte, Chio is a young renaissance woman. She describes herself as a ‘whirlwind of art’ being an alto saxophonist that studied dance and acting in college. Chio even went to the same African dance program as Cashmere in Brooklyn’s Restoration ART Youth Academy with legendary Baba Chuck Davis as her primary dance choreographer. New York really is a small world when it comes to artistry.

Chio’s transition to becoming a music artist

Chio recently teamed up with the producer of hip hop’s iconic hits “Ether” and “Pop Champagne” Ron Browz. “Candy” is Chio’s break from her serious tonality in previous tracks. She talks about embracing a more fun, vibrant aura. Something her fans “can dance to.”  It’s great to see Hip Hop’s icons empowering the next generation of music as she describes Browz to be “in tune with social media–” a primary platform for most young indie artists.

Pressures to stay relevant and being an ‘inspiration’

As Instagram’s new algorithm ghosts accounts from the explore page that don’t have 10% engagement rate, the pressures to keep your clout pushes on. And Chio describes the pressures to pump out daily content being ‘odey.’

“I wanna give you content, but… I got a life.”

The idea of giving up your real social life to unlock the full potential of your online social media presence is pretty haunting. Especially when the internet holds you to a higher moral standard just because you’re popular.

Chio humbly rejects the idea of being an inspiration. While she finds herself “not perfect,” it is that very fact that makes her relatable to the fans that look up to her. Fans don’t look to idolize a saint but to find guidance in someone they can relate to. Someone that is flawed yet still pushes themselves to grow.

It’s hard for artists to get a grasp on the fact that they are leaders. People literally follow their every move. And even people just minding their own business like Target Bae (Alex from Target) develop online followings they’ve never even asked for.

3 Signs You’ve Won An Argument

You already won the argument.

But how would you know?

Many of us continue going down the rabbit hole after we’ve already won the argument. Maybe to feel good about ourselves. Maybe because we’re being manipulated into thinking our point hasn’t been made clear. Nonetheless, here’s 3 ways to know if someone is bluffing to cover up their loss:

  1. “It’s just my opinion.”
  2. “Ad Hominems”
  3. “You just want to be right.”

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